Göttingen Symposium on The Semantics of Action

Robotics meets Linguistics

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Lecture Slides

Semantic Analysis of Manipulation Actions: Semantic Event Chains

Eren Aksoy
pdf file


Modularity and Abstraction in Natural Language Spatial Semantics: searching for systematicity in the problem space

John Bateman
pdf file


From Vague Instructions to Executable Robot Plans: Representation of, and Reasoning about Action Verbs

Michael Beetz
pdf file


Towards a model for learning senso-motorically grounded action constructions

Prof. Dr. Phillipp Cimiano
pdf file


Conceptualizing verbs, nouns and adjectives

Sinan Kalkan
pdf file


Spatial interpretations of prepositions

Tibor Kiss
pdf file


From Early Vision to Symbols

Norbert Kruger
pdf file


Deep Linguistic Analysis, Interfaces and World Knowledge

Stefan Müller
pdf file


Making TACoS: Grounding Distributional Models of Action Descriptions in Videos

Manfred Pinkal
pdf file


Unsupervised and semi-supervised learning of action ontology using domain-specific corpora

Daiva Vitkutė-Adžgauskienė
pdf file


Integrated Neural Symbolic Knowledge - Technologies for Action

Stefan Wermter
pdf file